To my friends..

As I’m getting ready to leave on another adventure across the world this next week, I want to tell you thank you. To my friends and my community and my family, you are so important to me and have been more than I could have asked for these past few months being home. 

It has been such a beautiful and restful and fun and happy time. Thank you for welcoming me back at work and helping me grow as a PICU nurse and learn quite a lot of new things in the space of 18 weeks. Thank you for making it feel like I never left my small group at church because we picked up right where we left off a year ago. Thank you for inviting me to your houses for dinner or coffee or a glass of wine and listening to me, really listening to me. Thank you for being real with me and creating safe places for me to talk or cry or laugh. Thank you for reminding me of things that you are thankful for about ME and encouraging me through a myriad of little ways. Thank you for all of your support in so many different ways in making it possible for my to go back to the ship. Thank you for letting me snuggle your babies and play with your puppies. Thank you for the happy hours and patio chats. Thank you for the craziness and the silence and the example that you are to me. 

I hope you remember how much you have blessed me. I love you all and I’ll see you again before too long!